The Company

LOTS Group is an independent company within the Scania Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles

LOTS Group was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of Scania

The mission was to prepare Scania for a future where their core product offering will continue to evolve; a future where Scania will offer transport solutions – including all the elements required for a full scale transport operation in addition to vehicles.

LOTS Group is an independent company within the Scania Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Scania’s years of technical and industrial experience make us at LOTS well-equipped to create a better transport solution for you and the world around us.

LOTS Group was started to meet the challenges facing Scania tomorrow. Digitalization, connectivity and automation are changing the game with new demands on efficiency and integration of supply chains. This calls for a new mindset focused on providing transport solutions, rather than simply delivering a vehicle. LOTS Group is here to provide peace of mind through reliable and innovative transport solutions. To understand our customers’ challenges and offer solution-driven tools and practices. We are the outsourcing partner that improves businesses, reduces cost and puts our customers ahead of the game.

In short, we are: MOVING YOU AHEAD

We reinvent how industry moves

We use the latest technology to continuously improve transport. We develop new software solutions to better analyze flows, locate bottle necks, to find and improve deviations. It means we see you as a business partner rather than a customer. And it means we are always locally present but with a global perspective. It means we truly want to change the industry for the better.

Our four key capabilities

Lean operations

Born out of Scania, we see your transport as a production line instead of a logistic flow. By looking at the whole transport chain we can find key areas of improvement and design flows that create more efficient and cost effective transport - always putting safety first! Never ready to settle, we constantly refine your flow to make the overall productivity better. To put it simply, more value for less money.


If you can't act upon your data, it's useless. Our visual management system lets us follow the flow in real time. The algorithm looks at all data points and displays them on a simple dashboard. It unlocks insights that makes it easier for the team to find better ways to work. It allows us to predict what is to come and make smart decisions.


You are the expert within your business. We are simply a catalyst for you to advance. That is why we work together with you on-site and collectively find opportunities to improve. We also connect all our profits to your success. We call it risk-profit sharing. It means that when business is good for you, it is also good for us.


We believe in doing good, which is why we are constantly working to reduce the CO2 emissions from our trucks. We utilize cleaner fuels, load smarter and chose the smartest route alternatives. We also take pride in making sure that our drivers have a good working environment. Fair wages, scheduled driving distances and extra cooling systems in hot regions are a few important things.