Lots Group transports timber in China

Lots Group grows its business internationally when adding timber transport to its existing container traffic for Stora Enso, in the south of China.

– To establish our methods and systems internationally has been the long term target from the beginning, says Martin Lewerth, CEO at Lots Group. Now we get the possibility to develop, together with the customer, efficiency within wood flow and show how our findings contribute to a more efficient and sustainable logistics system.

The mission is to locate bottle necks in the system and optimize the logistic chain. Lots contributes with trucks (Scania P440 6×4) pulling 30-tonne trailers the 75 kilometre stretch from a depot in Hepu to the Stora Enso Mill in Beihai, Guangxi in the south of China. The contract lasts, initially through the year.

– We have had the responsibility for a portion of the in- and out bound transport for the Stora Enso Beihai Mill since mid-2016 and I am glad to see this cooperation develop further, says Martin Lewerth, who looks forward to more international assignments.

The transports will be managed from the same transport tower Lots already has established in the area. Managed by MD Jacky Cai and Operational Manager Kunyi Lin.