Year One with LOTS Group – How did it turn out?

A year goes by quickly. There were a lot of rumors in the beginning about the new actor that nobody had heard of before. Now after spendingone year in timber logistics in middle Sweden the results are starting to show. The customer, Stora Enso benefits from very accurate deliveries and the hauliers are satisfied with the work load and the way it is managed.

  • Yes, we have received very accurate deliveries along with correct prioritization of round wood collection activities. Also the closure of stands has been very good, says a satisfied Anders Örtendahl, Operative Purchasing manager at Stora Enso Skog AB.
  • We have also noticed that the cooperation with other operators is very good and that return transports are constantly improving. That is very good for both the environment and profitability.

Lots Group and Stora Enso pursue transports that are executed in a sustainable and correct way. For example minimizing over weight and the use of fossil free fuel. Additional enterprises how to take this further are being discussed. A separate initiative from Lots Group on the use of HVO fuel has been adopted by other companies as well. That is very positive for the environment and matches well with the two companies sustainability targets.

Good teamwork

The hauliers driving for Lots Group have taken part in a journey. From questions and discussions about cranes; attached or otherwise, smoother flow, more backhauls and simplified administration. One haulier who has been participating the whole journey is Stefan Andersson at Ödmården Skogstransporter.

  • I have been driving in this area a long time and this is about the best organization I have been a part of. We work as a team with a lot to carry both ways. We know what areas to prioritize but we are still free to decide how to plan the week.
  • The cooperation between Lots and Stora Enso also seems to function very well and the maintenance of the roads is handled very well. Of course there are small details to improve and that we do every day through our deviation reports.

Daniel Edman, also drives for Lots and confirms that it is functioning better than first expected. The weekly plans supports a lot when deciding to which respondent to drive when. And the increased use of trucks with cranes makes the work much more flexible whilst minimizing waiting lines.

  • There was a lot of discussions about whether to use trucks with cranes or not in the beginning. To use your own crane is better for the economy and it gives us a greater flexibility, says Daniel Edman.
  • It also makes the cooperation with other hauliers easy and that facilitates the cooperation with neighboring hauliers. It just runs as clock work, no problems.