Robust transport operation with quick reflexes

How we manage to balance resources and lead times

A key challenge of efficiently transporting forest products, whether it be from an industrial eucalyptus plantation or a privately-owned Nordic forest, is to manage the imbalance of the constant demand from the industry with the variation in supply capacity.

A pulp mill cannot be allowed to run out of raw material, yet the effects of seasonality and weather induces considerable variation in the transport capacity required to keep up with the demand.

At LOTS we have developed practices and technology for forestry transport management that enables us to effectively balance between the highest possible resource utilization and the lowest possible lead time, letting us adapt our operations to the variation in your material supply needs. This way we can make sure that we secure your raw material supply while avoiding unnecessary buffers, and by doing so, reduce cost.

Our approach to forestry transport

LOTS’ approach to forestry transport is about using a combination of technology and Lean practices to create a robust transport capacity with quick reflexes.


By using a real time per-truck load planning and dispatch algorithm, we make sure that our trucks are working where they are needed the most– allowing for changed priorities or conditions in real time.

Flexible capacity

We have all combinations of asset strategies – using both our own vehicles and drivers as well as working with subcontractors; this allows us to secure a base capacity while managing non-controllable variations with flexible capacity.

Continuous improvement

We continuously identify, record and address deviations, using our own proprietary software to make sure that our operations are constantly identifying improvement opportunities and incrementally getting better, all the time.

Always 100 % compliant

We always comply with regional, national and international regulations and standards to ensure a 100 % compliant operation.

We give you an edge

Through our Forestry practice, we help you turn a non-core activity into a competitive advantage.

In short: We move you ahead!