LOTS understands the challenges of modern mine operations

A mining operation presents an uniquely challenging working environment

Functioning efficiently in an industry facing ever-increasing stresses on productivity, sustainability and compliance demands along with shrinking margins requires skilled management attention and reliable partners.

LOTS understands the challenges of modern mine operations – ranging from safe and non-stop operations, to sourcing and management of local workforce, to securing positive cash flow during commodity cycle down-turns.

We manage both in-pit and outbound mining transport so that our customers can have the peace of mind to focus exclusively on the above and other core business challenges. Let us ensure that your transport is operating compliantly using the latest technology and delivering the highest possible performance.

If your ambition is to evolve towards an autonomous operation, we can provide the transportation component and help you prepare for an early adoption of the Scania autonomous driving in the mining sector.

Our approach to mine transport

We combine a deep understanding of mine-trucking operations with the experience of Lean production systems; running your material transport like a factory production line.


From our control tower we monitor and follow all vehicles in real time ensuring safe operation and optimum asset utilization – allowing your mine to be as productive as possible.

Lower capex

Our cost-efficient operation and full OPEX cost model takes pressure of your balance sheet and helps you keep a healthy cash flow throughout commodity cycles.

Local community

When working in developing or challenging environments we nurture regional economic growth by supporting local business and using a locally sourced workforce.

Always 100 % compliant

We always comply with regional, national and international regulations and standards to ensure a 100 % compliant operation.

Want to focus on your core business?

Our core is to take over the financial and operational risk of your transport system.

In short: We move you ahead!