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Visualize, Identify, and Streamline – are key words for Lots Group when connecting all vehicles in their business and following them in real time. Data collected is stored in the cloud. Relevant facts are analyzed and then translated into action proposals that streamline operations and thus affect earnings.

“Our control tower follows the key figures and has contact with the drivers both digitally and by phone”, explains Fredrik Hjelm from Lots Digitalization team. “All deviations from normal processes are reported and in regular meetings with the customer they are reviewed and improvement measures are decided”.

Facts better than feeling
When you work with improvements according to Lean, the facts are the key. Too many base their actions on a feeling. Therefore, it is important to simplify and clarify the facts so that they becomes readily available and can be followed up. To get the best effect, the entire chain should be examined. Many industries have separate flows before and after the transport itself. These flows don’t always have any connections between them and it is often in the shifts between these flows bottlenecks occur.

The IT platform is adapted to customer needs
Lots Group works with the visualization of data together with both suppliers and customers. Together, a platform is created that facilitates for drivers to report discrepancies and monitor their operations . At the same time this facilitates for the customer to see where improvement measures should be implemented.
“We monitor delivery accuracy, security, fill rate while visualizing all discrepancies,” says Fredrik Hjelm.
Important parameters when working with sustainability and profitability are fuel consumption and waiting times. All vehicles run with the best fuel for the environment in every local situation, based on availability. And after having found that a lot of driving time is lost waiting, a lot of effort is done to improve flows in the entire production chain.

Lean, Digitalization, Partnership and Sustainability are the 4 key capabilities within Lots Group