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To LOTS Group the word sustainability sums up the overall vision for zero harm in transport and ambition for social and environmental betterment. – We use renewable fuels when possible, we invest in equipment and processes that have the least impact on the environment and we take pride in making sure that our drivers have the best working conditions around everything from fair wages to measured driving distances, says Magnus Lindholm, Head of Central Operations and Digitalization at LOTS Group.
LOTS Group focuses on three different areas related to sustainability. Economic, Environmental and Social. All three influence sustainability in different ways.

Overland transportation is often accused of being a major cause of environmental degradation, however, in today’s world we would not survive without it. LOTS makes sure that the right vehicle for each job is deployed in every situation to avoid overconsumption or underutilization. And for every vehicle, the best fuel available is used. One example comes from Sweden where most timber trucks run on HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) which minimizes CO2 emission. – Together with our fuel partners we discuss different options and possibilities to place fuel tanks close to our operations in order to increase usage of HVO, says Magnus Lindholm who also mentions a friendly competition amongst the drivers for who can use the best fuel most often. Of course the company also follows closely the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. – We want to be at the forefront when it comes to technology development, including digitalization, that enhances sustainability and safety, says Lindholm.

If transportation is not handled in an economically sustainable way many actors will disappear, and that is not a viable option when the demand is increasing, says Magnus Lindholm. We have to strive towards a manner of operating that is economically advantageous both for our clients and our transport partners. To achieve this we train our drivers to drive in an economical manner, maximize the vehicle fill rate and utilize the most economic routes. We also work together with our clients in connecting the total transport flow; including actions focused on loading and unloading as efficiently as possible in all our business segments including agricultural, mining and forestry, concludes Lindholm.

By taking a long term view on employees, the company values development and retention. – We make sure the working environment is as safe as it can be for all employees explains Magnus Lindholm. We train them so that each employee knows how to properly handle all equipment and how important it is to always prioritize safety. We place a special focus on their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and always ensure that working conditions are compliant with national legislation.