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While you focus on your core business, Lots Group focuses on your transportation. To Lots Group transport within mining, agricultural and forestry is core and operating it efficiently is what the company does best. The clients are regarded as partners and through this partnership, the improvement possibilities are endless.

-We work with continuous improvements and we love deviations, just like our mother company Scania, says Martin Lewerth, CEO at Lots Group. Scania has effectively deployed Lean within their production processes for more than 20 years and now we want to share this competence with our clients to make transportation within the supply chain more efficient.

Connecting the links
Today many businesses become good at optimizing different phases of the logistics chain individually, but often struggle to coordinate the different steps.
-Our transport operators have regular meetings with our partners to discuss different improvement possibilities. We base these ideas on facts and deviations reported by our drivers and with help from our digital tools, explains Martin Lewerth. As we involve people from the entire process they can discuss how the transport flow can be improved by synchronizing the steps.
Already in the planning phase the company simulate different transport scenarios to identify possible bottlenecks.

Driver engagement
Improvements are motivated by the drivers and key personnel on the ground. -We measure fuel consumption, idling times, repair and maintenance cost and other criteria where each individual has an impact on efficiency and cost, says Martin Lewerth.
Drivers are closest to the action, and in that role can have a significant impact on preceding and succeeding steps in the chain. One example from the forestry sector is placement of wood by the road side as defined by the driver to ease loading and minimize cycle time.
-We strive to have a coaching culture where we clarify expectations and responsibilities as well as acknowledge good performance. This has engaged our drivers in the improvement process, says Lewerth.

Better communication
Another good example comes from China where the transportation flow has improved thanks to regular meetings together with the industry partner. The increased communication has led to, among other improvements, a better planning of the capacity requirements and reduced loading times thanks to better preparation and pre-loading, before the trucks arrive to the loading zone.
-We engage in problem solving together with our partners and arrange driver, transport manager and industry meetings to find ways of doing things smarter. And together we can agree on performance based contracts where we share the efficiency gains, concludes Martin Lewerth.
Lots Group’s offer to their partners include a combination of transportation advisory services, operation of transport and digital tools to support optimization. In the case of green field setups the company provides advice and solutions all the way from the pre-feasibility stage. As the company saying goes, we move you ahead.

Lean, Digitalization, Partnership and Sustainability are the 4 key capabilities within Lots Group

If you have transports of gods in a recurrent flow and would like to improve accuracy, lower costs and have safe and reliable transports, contact Lots Group!