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-Working Lean really means working smarter, safer and more efficient, explains Lots Lean Manager Fredrik Rydahl. It is not a project with a clear start and an equally clear end. It is about continuous improvements.
For Lots Group, Lean is one of the foundations of the entire work methodology. Every day, the company is looking for improvements that make the logistics chain more efficient and thus lowers the client’s costs. Lots want to see the entire chain from production to delivery because it is usually in the joints between the various areas of responsibility the bottlenecks most often occur. And that’s where costs and quality flaws arise (waste in Lean language).

“It’s not about running faster, the important thing is to do the job in a standardized way,” says Fredrik Rydahl. We often see where companies can become more efficient with the same resources. Because we digitize the entire process, it’s easy to see where and when problems arise and we can instantly take actions.


Love Deviations

With facts from the connected vehicles and the cloud-based database, it is easy to analyze which actions make the most use. The Lots control towers, spread throughout the world, working the same way, with the same tools, can easily transfer knowledge between the different areas.

– We regularly monitor how work is done, on each control tower, and how various improvement measures have been implemented. We love deviations because they make us perform even better, says Fredrik Rydahl.

The drivers report any deviations that affect the operation, and the control tower personnel will take actions on them together with the client at regular meetings. The contractor gets a safer business, better quality and better profitability per shipped ton of material.


A matter of leadership

Working Lean requires commitment from all involved and it is not enough to say that the company works according to the Lean Principles.

“Lean is a leadership issue,” says Fredrik Rydahl, unless the leaders show that they take Lean serious, this way of working will never get involved in the organization and the effects will not be realised. The key to a partnership with Lots is regular reconciliation and a structured way of working.



Lean, Digitalization, Partnership and Sustainability are the 4 key capabilities within Lots Group


If you have transports of gods in a recurrent flow and would like to improve accuracy, lower costs and have safe and reliable transports, contact Lots Group!