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Lots Group makes mine in India more effective

There are big efficiency gains to release within transports in the mining industry. Lots Group and Scania are co-operating in a mining improvement project in India to make mining company VPR Mining Infra more profitable.

-We’re conducting real time analyses and monitoring historical data of cycle times, loading times and other operation-critical factors. A thorough understanding of the current state is vital in order to identify the right initiatives and countermeasures, explains Tobias Hespe, Project Manager from Lots Group.

In order to evaluate the improvement work that is being done, the project team monitors different parameters that directly influence the client’s profitability. Weather, gradient and number of active loaders are but a few of these factors.

-We follow driving distances, service intervals needed and other parameters that has an effect on the availability of the truck and performance of the system, said Jon Fangel, Project Leader from Scania Mining, who will follow the vehicles during the 24 months project.

VPR follow the project with great interest. Earlier analysis indicate savings up to 25 percent in certain areas.

-We ran a similar project in our Jayanth Mine operation with good result. So now we have asked Lots Group and Scania to analyze road design, unloading, loading and cycle time also in our Nigahi Mine. We have noticed both production and financial improvements as well as positive changes amongst our production staff. Changes that we hope to achieve also here, said Project Manager Gopinath Rao Ramraj from VPR Mining Infra.

The main task for the company is to remove overburden to reach underlying layers of coal. In this mine the company runs 135 trucks and about 20 loaders. The Nigahi Mine, where they annually transports about 50 million tons of waste rock, is situated in Madhya Pradesh region, central India. VPR Mining Infra runs two similar projects in the area that can be included in a future cooperation project as well.


Lots Group are experts in identifying waste and operating safe, sustainable and efficient transport systems aimed at increasing productivity. To learn more, visit www.lotsgroup.com or the linked in page https://www.linkedin.com/company/lots-group.

To learn more about Scania Site Optimisation: – https://www.scania.com/global/en/home/partnership-solutions/solutions-in-action/mining/site-optimisation.html

For more information about Lots collaboration with Scania Mining and VPR Mining Infra, please contact Tobias Hespe at tobias.hespe@lotsgroup.com