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Lots Group study can help Suez minimize its environmental impact by 30%

The French recycling company Suez can minimize its environmental impact after collaborative assignments with Lots Group and Scania. The mission was to arrive at a replacement proposal for the company’s fleet, which at the same time minimized the company’s environmental impact without increasing costs. The mission was concentrated in northeastern France and the 64 vehicles rolling there. The result from the study is striking.
The French recycling company Suez, which has stated climate targets, has decided to review its fleet. A fleet where the oldest vehicles are 21 years old. Today, most vehicles are not Euro6 and run on regular diesel. Replacing all of them over night is not economically justifiable. Therefore, they turned to Lots Group and Scania to analyze the vehicles, lifespan and replacement rate to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent without increasing the total cost of operation (TCO) by 2025.

Lots Group made the analysis and the proposal includes a CO2 reduction of 22 percent and NOX by 87 percent, at the same time as the TCO also would decrease. The fleet can be replaced by vehicles and fuels available today. No electric vehicles are included in this analysis. If ethanol and biogas are introduced in the driving range, the CO2 impact can be reduced by 31 percent.

The result of the study suggests that vehicles older than 10 years are replaced already in the current year. After that, all vehicles are changed when they pass ten years. In addition, the availability of vehicles and how many miles they roll will be taken into account. As a result only 56 vehicles will be needed in the upgraded fleet to do the same work, as some of the older vehicles spend a lot of time in workshops. This also has a positive impact on the environment and costs.

The fuels included in the analysis are those currently available on the market: ethanol, gas, biogas, HVO and various combinations of gas and ethanol. Further improvements can be made after electric vehicles have been introduced on the market.

The results of the study are now being analyzed by Suez and a plan on how to go ahead is under way.