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LOTS has two complementary business areas: On-road logistics and truck-based transport. Together, we provide your business with a tailor-made solution to your specific requirements.
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    We employ truck drivers, other personnel such as loading & unloading operators, as well as transport professionals in charge of managing the transport operation.

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    We take full responsibility of equipment including ownership and maintenance of vehicles, such as trucks, loading equipment, and road maintenance equipment.

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    We manage planning, dispatch, real-time monitoring and follow-up of transport from our Control Tower offices to ensure the most efficient and flexible transport service.

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    Manage logistics flows

    We design, and operate a logistics network based on the Scania Group's inbound flows, onboarding new customers to create the prerequisites for green, zero-emission transport lanes.

All LOTS operations are based on our “LOTS Production System”, or simply LPS. LPS is based on Scania Group’s famous Lean production system methodology and has been developed together with world leading companies within heavy industry. It allows us to create the leanest and meanest logistics and transport operation possible, ensuring class-leading efficiency and technology.

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Scania / Brazil

Our container transport operation in São Paulo operates 29 trucks, 10 of them gas powered.

CMSA / Chile

LOTS operates a full-service mining operation in Sierra Atacama outside of Antofagasta, Chile

COCAL / Brazil

LOTS operates and manages 54 trucks for Cocal, a São Paulo-based sugarcane producing company.

LOTS Nordics / Sweden

Our nordic operation manages 50 trucks delivering roundwood to several customers.

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