Our Services

LOTS Group is a full-service trucking transport operator with a focus in heavy industries such as mining, agriculture or forestry

There is no one-size-fits-all dynamic in the transport industry

Our ambition is to offer a solution that involves a common trucking-based solution customized to each customer’s specific transport need.

Our solution ensures that the appropriate equipment is deployed, the optimum flow is arranged, and the right working methods are in place to drive the most effective transport possible. A unique approach to a commodity product.

We want to understand your needs

We work with many companies in different industries around the world, but we have never worked with you. To understand the intricacies and needs of your specific operation we begin each new relationship with a detailed assessment. An assessment aims to quantify opportunity and identify needs requirements to be able to develop a roadmap for next steps. Once we understand the needs we design a solution based primarily of the following categories:


The principal equipment involved in transport are the trucks themselves. We own, operate and maintain the vehicles. In addition to the trucks, and where applicable, we operate auxiliary equipment such as loaders, road maintenance equipment or watering vehicles. We want to facilitate partnerships, so in relevant cases we will buy existing assets to enable the initiation of activities. We operate the most appropriate assets available to maximize payload and uptime while minimizing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Connectivity & Steering

The brain of the operation is our control tower, or Smart Hub. From here we dispatch vehicles and manage deviations to ensure process stability. Working in each Smart Hub is our proprietary transport management platform from which we optimize routes, cycle times and other operating processes. Connectivity can extend to supporting functions in the supply chain such as loading, unloading and processing.

Staffing & Working Method

Operating transport as effectively as possible requires world class people and a world class way of working. We employ, develop, train and manage drivers and all additional required personnel. To ensure our organization is working effectively we build the right operating system and support a culture of continuous improvement. This includes deployment of Lean working methods and tools.

Schedule an assessment

Contact us today to discuss scheduling an assessment. Let us assess your current transport setup and see if it can be more effective. We are a transport operator who offers a unique way to be more effective.

In short: We move you ahead!