Focusing on logistics and sustainability, LOTS gains ground in Latin America

Lots Group is now established in the Latin America region and takes step into the market. The goal is to identify waste in transport flows to reduce environmental impacts and improve customer profitability. Adolpho Bastos, Managing Director for LOTS in Latin America gives his views on the business.

Our goal is to address issues that impact business and the environment, but we go beyond the vision of logistics from the perspective of the vehicle. From the understanding of the logistics chain of each industry, we offer solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and more profitable businesses.
LOTS is present today in Europe and Asia. Its initial focus is on forestry, mining, and agriculture.

We are talking about segments with recurring flows, that is, where there is a big opportunity to increase productivity. In this case, we have the inheritance we bring from Scania in relation to the transport industry knowledge, the modular production system and the waste disposal culture. We added this know-how to the wider look at logistics flows. This allows us to deliver customized strategies that generate real value to our customers.
Better logistics supports the environment.

The demand for greater efficiency and sustainability has become a growing demand not only in the transportation sector. More efficient logistics flows open the doors to better profitability and reduce the transport sector impact on the environment. Here in the region, unlike Europe, road transports are sometimes the only option, which means the need for solutions to increase productivity and eliminate waste are even more urgent. LOTS understands that logistics is the key to achieving these goals of cost reduction and operational efficiency.