Visualize, identify, analyze and act

Making data easy to act upon

Managing deviations in a digitized transport system where all vehicles are connected and followed-up in real time overcomes many of the challenges of managing production resources scattered over a large area. Data collected is stored in the cloud. Relevant facts are analyzed and translated into actions that streamline operations and improve earnings.

In our Smart Centers our operators track key indicators based on vehicle- and driver-generated data. All trucks are connected in real time and the drivers are connected both digitally and by phone. All deviations from normal operating modes are reported and managed either immediately or reviewed with the customer and improvement measures are decided and initiated.

Only the facts

When working with continuous improvement following Lean practices, facts are key. No action, whether it be short or long term, can be based on gut feel alone. Moreover we chase the root cause of each deviation to make sure we make lasting improvements. Here, our in-house digital tools are invaluable in providing actionable insights for our drivers, transport managers and management teams.

Track performance, insight and cash generation

Whether you are a customer or a supplier of ours, we can provide you with access to our systems and dash boards to track your – and our – performance, insight and cash generation. This becomes even more powerful when we integrate your data sources with ours, allowing for transparency across the chain.

The latest technologies within cloud computing

To create a scalable and reliable platform with a global deployment model, we work with the latest technologies within cloud computing. The scalability is achieved by utilizing a server-less architecture and PaaS components where applicable. We effectively leverage technology to produce better transport. In short: We move you ahead!