LOTS Group

The transport company that moves you ahead.

LOTS Group provides industry leading transport services by blending the latest technologies with our Lean approach.

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Part of the Scania Group

LOTS is a fully-owned subsidiary of Scania. Whereas Scania develops and provides commercial vehicles and services, LOTS puts them in motion.

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Global expertise, local presence

We set up local offices and control towers in your location, leveraging our global experience and competence. The result? A deep knowledge of the market and its intrinsic characteristics.

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LOTS Latin America
LOTS North America
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What sets us apart?

  • Lean Methods applied to transport

    We run our transport operations like lean production facilities. This means optimizing takt-times, reporting and handling deviations, and implementing a culture of continuous improvement to reach a new level of excellence in the transport industry.

  • Pioneers of Technology

    We operate with the latest technology, both in terms of soft- and hardware. All of our vehicles are connected and our control systems are prepped for autonomous transport. Working with LOTS ensures that you are at the forefront of transport technology.

  • Safe, sustainable & compliant transport

    We believe in doing good, which is why we are constantly working to reduce the CO2 emissions from our trucks and operations. We also take pride in making sure that our drivers have a good working environment.

  • A unique, customer-specific approach

    To understand the intricacies of your specific operation we begin each new relationship with a detailed assessment.  An assessment is free of charge and aims to quantify opportunity and identify needs requirements to be able to develop a roadmap for next steps.