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2021 in the Rear-View Mirror

2021 in the Rear-View Mirror

As the year slowly winds down and we enter the festive season, we here at LOTS would like to thank all our employees, clients and partners by taking stock of our joint achievements in 2021.

2021 in the Rear-View Mirror

It’s been a record year full of highlights and challenges:

We managed to expand our presence to two new countries – Canada and Chile.  In Chile, we won and mobilized a groundbreaking mining contract, with operations ramping up as you read this. In Canada, we acquired Munden Ventures, gaining our first foothold in the North American transport sector in the form of an exciting partnership. And while we can’t quite reveal the full story yet, there is more exciting news to come from North America before we ring in the new year.

In Brazil, we signed our largest ever contract together with a major player in the forestry sector, expanding on an already blossoming partnership. We also won our first contract transporting Vinasse (a byproduct of sugar & ethanol production) back from the plant to the fields meaning that we now perform closed-loop transport for our client.

Together with a new progressive partner, we expanded our Nordics business in Eastern Sweden, meaning that we also increased our collaboration with local haulers in the area.

Our operations team achieved vast operational improvements in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), reduction of accidents, tire management and deviation handling leading to lasting improvements for our customers. Not only that, they also handled everything that Mother Nature had to throw at them in terms of extreme weather, be it forest fires and drought or extreme cold and flooding. 

To our employees, thank your for your drive and hard work in making all the above possible. To our clients and partners, thank you for trusting us with your transports and for enabling us to work closely together and meet all new challenges head-on, together.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday break, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2022!

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