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The integrated transport company that moves you ahead

The integrated transport company that moves you ahead

LOTS Group provides industry leading transport services by blending the latest technologies with our Lean approach.

Part of the Scania Group

LOTS is a fully-owned subsidiary of Scania. Whereas Scania develops and provides commercial vehicles and services, LOTS puts them in motion.

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Global expertise, local presence

LOTS USA is headquartered in Columbia, SC but sets up transport control towers & workshops in your location. This allows us to leverage our global expertise and passion for new technology on your doorstep.

What sets us apart?

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  • Lean Methods applied to transport

    We run our transport operations like lean production facilities. This means optimizing takt-times, reporting and handling deviations, and implementing a culture of continuous improvement to reach a new level of excellence in the transport industry.

  • Pioneers of Technology

  • Safe, sustainable & compliant transport

  • A focus on our customers

Moving you ahead