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We focus on our people

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At LOTS, our employees are a huge part of our success. With that in mind, we strive to be a leader in the value proposition we provide to employees. In our industry we were one of the first to offer healthcare and retirement benefits to all employees. We are working hard to continuously improve our training programs to turn new starts into experienced leaders. And we have built a culture of internal promotions where the best players get first shot at new opportunities created by our team’s hard work. Despite not being standard practice in the industry, we believe these are fundamental to taking care of people and their families.

Creating change for the better

The benefits we are offer carry significant value. We provide fully subsidized life insurance to every employee we have. We contribute roughly $4,000 per year to any employee on our health coverage. And our 401K program offers a 3% match. For our average employee, contributing 3% for 10 years will ensure they have a $2 million retirement account in 30 years – a gamechanger in most of the communities where we work.

In the words of our President, Matt Moldenhauer, “providing the best to our people is not a matter of choice, even when it represents a cost disadvantage that may harm our ability to compete in some cases and grow faster”. Through our people we achieve results, with our people we celebrate them. We are confident that it is only by recognizing the work of each of our team members and incentivizing them to be the best versions of themselves that we`ll grow together as a company.”

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